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Katka Krajči (born in 1997 in Košice, Slovakia) is an animation director, artist, and educator living and working in London, UK. She graduated from the Bartlett School of Architecture (University College London, 2019) minoring in Philosophy and Fine Art (Slade School of Fine Art) with a first class honours. She has since worked as an Art and Philosophy teacher in North London.

Krajči works at the intersection of documentary film, history of architecture, philosophy and religious theory to challenge the nature of beauty and spirituality in popular belief. She often uses poetry, sound and musical elements to contextualize her research enquiry across the media of moving image, collage and photography. Her work as an educator...

Krajči’s work addresses the issues of alienation and the creation of alternative communities in a modern city. In her videos and recordings she regularly captures interactions between strangers who she meets randomly and puts them in conversation with the historical realities of the places that frame their encounters. Shaped by her background in architectural theory, Krajci continues to focus on public and private spaces often associated with contested history. Her body of work includes an animated music video Neighborhood Dream screened at Central European animation festivals, an autobiographical piece illustrating the challenges and liberties of growing up in a small post-soviet city. 


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Katka Krajči
designer | illustrator | filmmaker

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